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It's no secret that the iconic motorcycle brand has been moving in a new direction. On top of this comes a host of core technologies that are at the heart of the Tiger 800s superb riding experience, including; switchable ABS and traction control, ride-by-wire throttle, heated rider and pillion seats and grips, powered sockets (12v and USB) and an immobiliser.

The KLR650's simplicity might be its appeal, but it also comes with the usual touring and adventure accessories like a front screen, a decent sized gas tank and luggage racks, and of course, it's an absolute joy to ride. And since most adventures require a good deal of road riding, we felt that the Super Tenere deserved a place on the list.

An 18-litre fuel tank, long travel suspension, high ground clearance and dry weight of 186 kg certainly make the SuperDual a very attractive proposition as a lightweight, easy to use adventure bike. Merlin have a CX bike 105 equipped which is quite competitive too th a similar range of gear IIRC.

Ground clearance has also been raised, with the Adventure Sports offering 20mm more than the base model, and longer travel suspension has also been fitted. This list begins with more street oriented bikes for riders that intend to ride primarily on pavement.

Some may be completely new to riding, while others have many years of experience on other types of motorcycles. The components and materials on these bikes are designed for harsh, extended use so are overbuilt for most forms of touring. Option 2: if you are looking for the best performance option, a suspension specialists can lower and tune the suspension factoring in your height, your weight, average bike load and riding style.

When your road suddenly turns to muddy ruts it's often enough to make some riders turn around and head back the other way. These motorcycles are usually heavier and more durable than the models derived from off-road motorcycles. Typical lightweight adventure bikes normally weigh in at sub 140 kg (fuelled without gear).

Endurance road bikes go up to about 32mm as a general rule, but gravel and adventure road bikes increase the clearance up to as much as 55mm. When it comes to motorcycle travel, some riders prefer to go it alone, some prefer group travel, or riding with a partner or friend.

Off-road gear is designed for impact protection when taking a spill or from rough terrain. Started by a group of experienced off-road instructors, BlackSwanMoto is the result of many years of teaching and guiding for other schools. IT is not a dirt bike and has no off road engine is half a car engine and not well suited to ANY bike road or other for very heavy dudes who want to save on gas but dont like to reallylike riding bikes at not rev out like all normal bikes.

The qualities of modern adventure TET UK bikes make them a tempting alternative to other road bikes, especially for touring, with the promise of some off-road capability a bonus. There are no electronic rider aids to speak of - no traction control, no ride-by-wire, and no riding modes.

We also restricted the list to reasonably priced Adventure Bikes, so you won't find any Ténéré 660's, Transalps', F800GS' or Tiger 800's that cost $10,000 or more. Co-Hosts - Sam Manicom, Graham Field, Shirley Hardy-Rix, Brian Rix, Grant Johnson and Adventure Rider Radio host Jim Martin.

The BMW F800GS doesn't score higher on our list because: it's not the most exciting of motorcycles on the market, the seat isn't the most comfortable, and there are a lot of ergonomic irritations like the screen being too low, or the footpegs not wide enough for normal human feet.

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